Testimonial – Strata Plan VIS-415

On behalf of the Owners, Strata Plan VIS 415 (Oakdale Estate), I would like to thank you for your superb execution in installing the upgrade to our Fire Alarm System this year.

Your bid on our Request for Quotation was professional.

More significant was your observation of the initial drawings from the engineer and your recommendations to amend the drawings from a practical perspective, based on your extensive knowledge of the fire alarm industry.

In addition, while we anticipated extensive requirements for external “wire molding” throughout the building, you and the electricians performed a remarkable task of finding ways to “fish” wires through the walls and ceilings, both in the suites and in the common property areas, such that there was very little evidence of all the renovations anywhere. The aesthetics of the suites and the buildings were undisturbed.

Owners were also impressed that you and your sub-contractors cleaned up after your daily operations so that there was little evidence of your activities, and that, at the end of the contract, you restored any cutes into walls and ceilings — including “spackle” to cover up the cuts — so that most people would not notice any disturbance.

Such attention to detail is rare, and we are most grateful.

Moreover, I would like to thank you for your outstanding administration — much praise is due to Kathleen — of the project.

Neither our Owners’ Agent, Unity Services Corporation, nor I had much to do with advising residents about your intentions since you posted appropriate notices as you required. The only thing I had to do was ensure your access to suites and warn residents, in a general way, when system testing and Fire Department inspections would take place.

Your administration was so efficient that communications between Sterling, the Strata Corporation, the Saanich Fire Dept., and the engineer resulted in accurate timings so that residents were minimally disturbed.

It is noteworthy that Unity Services Corporation agreed to withdraw from their duties with the Strata Corporation earlier than expected because they found little to supervise, whether on practical or administrative issues.

It is also significant that the engineer felt that he needed to inspect your work only minimally, since he expressed, in my presence, a respect for your work.

Moreover, the Saanich Fire Department, who were diligent in their inspection duties on several occasions throughout the project, advised me of their utmost respect for your work. One member of the S.F.D. inspection team stated to me that Sterling Fire was (perhaps?) the best company in the building in Greater Victoria.

Thank you, Don , for your expertise and the abilities of you and your electricians — Eddie and Fred — for the installation of the new systems in an aesthetically pleasing way. Also I thank you for keeping our costs as low as possible, despite the “extras” which the S.F.D. threw at us, so that we could come within budget.

Thank you, Kathleen, for your outstanding support in administration including the provision of accurate wall plaques in each building and the Fire Plan books for each building, which you completed in all essentials, including excellent graphics for each floor, to meet the S.F.D. requirements.

Moreover, your persistence and patience in obtaining all the necessary “after action” documentation from the engineer, the Fire Department and the Municipal Hall to meet our specifications was exemplary.

Sterling is a very appropriate description of your company’s service.

You are welcome to use this letter in your advertising, and prospective clients are welcome to contact me for reference.

David Grubb
Strata Plan VIS 415