Sterling Fire & Associates Inc. specializes in fire alarm upgrades & panel replacements.

We work as the Owner’s Technical Adviser & Consultant to:

  • evaluate building and Owner life safety needs;
  • present design options for Fire Alarm upgrades and related Systems,
  • help engage the necessary professionals, from engineers, to haz mat companies, to electrical and finishing contractors; and
  • oversee the project as a whole on the Owner’s behalf.

We’ve provided full fire alarm system upgrade services in over 120 buildings in the Greater Victoria district since 2004, prior to transitioning to pure Consulting services, and our Clients have good things to say.  We work with some of the top people in the industry to provide you with comprehensive and complete upgrades – from before the construction even starts to the Completion Certificate from the inspectors.

Been asked or ordered to upgrade, or seen the word “Recommended” on your most recent annual inspection and not sure where to start?

Need help with a specific stage of your upgrade, from initial discussion through to actual installation?
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