RFP Process

After drawings have been created, the next step in to begin the Request for Proposal process. While “calling three contractors” and asking them for a quote seems easiest, it often fails to give you the information you need to make a clear decision or ensure that the contractors will be operating with your on-site needs in mind.

By creating clear and precise proposal documents, we ensure that all proponents are bidding on exactly the same type of system, are adhering to the same standards, and are fulfilling your building’s unique needs, as closely as possible. We’ll address everything from working hours to finishing materials to asbestos handling. No detail is too small to be captured in a well-crafted Request for Proposal.

Request for Proposal Process

  • Consult with Owners to determine their needs
  • Develop and issue Request for Quotation Packages to chosen contractors
  • Manage site tours with bidders and Engineering Consultant
  • Review & evaluate contractor bids
  • Advise Owners on bids and choice of Contractor
  • Administer Contract ratification