Pre-Engineering Design & Discussion

We’re betting that the last large purchase you made, of say a new car or your home, involved a fair amount of thought and research. You probably looked at multiple choices and options, not to mention had a fairly firm budget in mind, before you went out shopping.

When considering a car, for example, you most likely considered the size, make, model. Then you looked at options and colours, pricing and future servicing costs. Let’s face it: even a second hand Audi is going to cost more to maintain than a Chevy or Honda.

So why is it that when Owners start looking at replacing the fire alarm system or panel, that they simply hand over all of that decision-making to someone else? This is, by far, one of THE MOST important systems that you will ever replace in your building. It is the system that will determine whether your Owners have the best opportunity for escape during an emergency.

We work closely with Strata Councils and Owners to determine what THEIR needs are:

  • Cost for both installation and future maintenance & repairs
  • Aesthetic considerations for the mechanical protection of wiring
  • Type of system and the difference between Conventional and Addressable Systems
  • Having full choice on service provider in the future
  • Establishing expectations for contractors working on site

Want to have a say in YOUR building?