Fire Alarm Upgrade Process

Whether you’ve been asked or ordered to upgrade your fire alarm system, or your panel is on its last legs and you’re budgeting for your contingency reserve fund, we can walk you through the process, step by step.

Usually people simply pick up the phone and call their fire alarm service provider to get the ball rolling, but that can leave you with very little control over what can be one of the largest, and most important, purchases you may make for your building.

Here we’ll outline the Fire Alarm Upgrade Process. Just click on the buttons below to read more about each step.

Our first step is to get to know you and the needs of your building. We do a thorough evaluation of the building, looking closely at the unique architectural and mechanical systems and needs that will have to be addressed in the engineering phase, and that will affect the Opinion of Probable Cost.

Then we meet with the Owner(s) to discuss their specific requirements, from cost considerations to specialized equipment for an aging senior owner’s group, to future operational cost and aesthetic/finishing issues. Your input is essential to ensuring that you get the system that fulfills YOUR specific needs and wants.

The second step is to identify what type of system will best suit your needs, both now and further down the road. Do you need a conventional or addressable fire alarm system?

Once that is established, it’s time to get your electrical drawings done. There are many Electrical Engineering firms to choose from, but knowing what type of system you want will give you greater control over the design of the drawings. We’re happy to offer competitive electrical drafting services. We work closely with our Electrical Engineer to create clear specifications that ensure the Request for Proposal process proceeds smoothly and that all proponents are quoting on a fully Code compliant system.

Given the diversity of contractors that may be asked to quote on your project, from electrical firms to fire alarm companies, we want to ensure that all are quoting on the same specifications and taking into account your on-site needs. This is accomplished by creating a comprehensive Request for Proposal package that addresses all of your needs, from type of system to work hours to insurance coverage requirements. We help to level the playing field, letting you compare apples to apples when the proposals arrive.

Once the project has been awarded, the task of project administration starts. A fire alarm upgrade needs to be orchestrated to take into account the needs of the residents, as well as the needs of the contractor to get the job done as quickly and painlessly as possible. Clear communications, schedules, and oversight reduces the chances of cost and time overruns and needless frustration. With over a dozen years specializing in upgrade administration, we can provide you with peace of mind.

Once the upgrade is nearing completion, you will be required to either update or create a fire safety plan and evacuation graphics. These will provide necessary information both to residents and to the fire department in case of a future emergency. We provide comprehensive, easy to follow plans and graphics that allow you to do future updates yourself, rather than being permanently tied to your service provider to annual updates.

Let us take the worry out of the fire alarm upgrade process.
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