Testing Requirement & Examples

It's essential that Strata Councils understand the requirements for the testing, inspection, and maintenance of their life safety systems. While some forms of maintenance and repair can be temporarily or almost indefinitely postponed, such as painting or re-carpeting; Fire Alarm System inspection, testing, maintenance, and repair is legally mandated by the B.C. Fire Code. All … Continue reading Testing Requirement & Examples

Strata Corporations & Life Safety Liability

Owner responsibility and liability for life safety in their buildings is clearly defined in the B.C. Fire Code, which states: British Columbia Fire Code (2018)Division C – Administrative Provisions – Sec. 2.2 Administration2.2.1.1. Responsibility1)  Unless otherwise specified, the owner or the owner’s authorized agent shall be responsible for carrying out the provisions of this (B.C. … Continue reading Strata Corporations & Life Safety Liability


Change is inevitable. Change can be good or bad, depending on your perspective and how the change affects you. For instance, the need for change may come unannounced: catastrophic failure of a roof or boiler; a water pipe failure that’s flooded part of the building. These are considered negative changes.

However, here is one of the known changes that affect fire safety planning that are coming on the horizon: New BC Building Code